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              Silt Fence, Dewatering Bags & Inlet

              Silt Fence

              Miller Seed offers UV stabilized, high tenacity polypropylene yarns Silt Fence that are woven to form a dimensionally stable network. Our WINfab silt fence fabrics are highly durable and provide excellent water flow and silt retention. This sediment control device is used on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes or seas from loose sediment.

              WinFab 1215DT Silt Fence Spec Sheet?

              thumbnail of WINFAB-1215DT-Data-Sheet-2018

              Dewatering Bags

              Miller Seed offers a device to take your sediment control to a new level. Dewatering Bags are designed to control sediment in dewatering applications where water is being pumped. When water reaches the bag, the solids are allowed to settle out of a slowed down flow and are captured by the bag itself. This device is very convenient and can help control heavy pumping outflows.

              Curb Inlet Protection

              Erosion Eels are a highly effective?erosion?control device used at a construction site to prevent sediment from leaving the job site. Miller Seed offers an Erosion Eel that is filled with 100% recycled tire rubber for curb inlets, perimeter control, check dams and diversion berms.

              Erosion Eel Spec Sheet

              GeoCurve Stormwater Curb Inlet Filter

              The GeoCurve Inlet Filter is an innovative device created by GeoSolutions, Inc. to increase the performance of inlet protection. GeoCurve’s patented design incorporates a compression fit into the throat of the inlet so that sand bags are no longer needed. The device easily installs into the throat of the inlet so that there are no exposed elements to pose a hazard to traffic or pedestrians. The GeoCurve shape creates a sediment collection trough inside the throat of the inlet that captures unsightly trash and sediment making for a more aesthetic solution.The device incorporates a high flow filter fabric and an overflow opening that will provide efficient filtering and still pass high flow during heavy storm events. The GeoCurve is easily maintained by removing the device by pulling on the bottom edge of the inlet filter and dumping the captured debris and sediment in a designated location where they cannot pollute our waterways. Once the accumulated debris and sediment is removed from the GeoCurve Inlet Filter it can be reinstalled for continued service.Flyer

              GeoCurve Tech Bulletin