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              Sediment Logs & Straw Wattles

              Sediment Logs

              Curlex Sediment Logs use excelsior fibers to reduce hydraulic energy & filter sediment-laden runoff. Tired of straw and hay bale checks being blown out and the fibers washed downstream to clog the nearest outlet? Next time, consider giving our Bioengineered Sediment Logs a try. Water filters through (not underneath ) the diameter of the porous, interlocked fiber log matrix. As it does, velocity is naturally reduced and sediment is collected on the upstream side of the Excelsior fiber log. Install Curlex Sediment Logs over bare soil, over rolled erosion control products, on steep slopes, around inlets and outlets, or around job sites for perimeter control.

              Available in 9″x25′ & 12″x20″

              Curlex Sediment Log Specs

              thumbnail of Curlex Sediment Logs PD

              Straw Wattles

              Straw wattles are permeable barriers used to detain surface runoff long enough to reduce flow velocity. Their main purpose is to break up slope length. They can also be used in small drainages or on side slopes for detaining small amounts of fine suspended sediment.

              Finest available agricultural straw fibers encased in durable netting. The straw fibers are certified weed seed free. Used to break up slope length and overland flow. Across-channel bottoms to pool water and reduce flow velocities.

              Available in 9″x25′ & 12″x20″

              Straw Wattle Spec Sheet

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