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              Woven Geotextiles

              Woven Geotextiles

              Miller Seed offers a?complete line of woven slit film geotextiles provide stabilization and separation preventing base aggregates from migrating into subgrade soil.
              GEOTEX 200ST??
              GEOTEX 315ST???

              High Performance?Geotextile

              Miller Seed has a complete line of High Performance geotextiles are uniquely designed to produce a superior geotextile fabric which yields exceptional strength combined with increased water flow and filtration properties.

              GEOTEX 3X3HF
              GEOTEX 4X4HF

              Monofilament Geotextiles

              Miller Seed?offers a wide variety of woven monofilament geotextiles uniquely designed to meet today’s requirements for filtration, separation and erosion protection. Manufactured using high strength UV stabilized yarn and designed to meet specific characteristics required for today’s engineering challenges. Monofilament fabrics provide exceptional consistency in AOS and water flow properties.

              GEOTEX 104F
              GEOTEX 111F
              GEOTEX 117F