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              5 Step Fertilizer Plan

              Miller’s 5 Step Lawn Program

              SALE $168.00


              5 STEP Lawn Program

              Step 1 – April

              ProScape 22-0-6 40% MESA with Dimension
              Selective herbicide that provides pre & postemergence control of listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds (see bag label for a complete list) in established lawns and ornamental turfs, including golf course fairways, roughs, and tee boxes.
              Covers up to 15,500ft2

              Step 2 – Mid May

              ProScape 19-0-6 33% MESA with Dimension and Confront 3
              This product provides for the postemergence control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, and preemergence control of annual grassy weeds and labeled broadleaf weeds (see label for a complete list), in established ornamental turf, lawns, golf courses, roadsides and cemeteries.
              Covers up to 11,500ft2

              Step 3 – Early July

              ProScape 15-0-5 40% MESA with 0.2 Merit grub preventer
              Provides Plant nutrients and control of selected insect pests.
              Covers up to 14,250ft2

              Step 4 – September

              ProScape 19-0-6 33% MESA with LockUp
              Postemergence control of annual and perennial broad-leaf weeds in established turfgrass.

              Covers up to 11,750ft2

              Step 5 – Early November

              25-0-5 51% MESA
              This is a premier fertilizer utilizing Lebanon’s MESA technology. MESA is an innovative nitrogen source that combines the benefits of methylene urea with ammonium sulfate in a single, homogeneous granule. Meth-Ex 40 slows down the release of the ammonium sulfate. This combination provides brilliant color, quick initial response and long term feeding all without excessive surge growth. Iron adds an additional color benefit. This product is good for golf course fairways; roughs and commercial turf uses. Zero phosphorus fits well with soils that do not need phosphorus and areas where phosphorus is restricted.
              Covers up to 12,500ft2