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              Staples & Staple Gun

              rifle-m100-2Rifle M100 and M50 Staple Gun

              Light and easy automatic staple gun that can pin virtually anything to the ground with ease.
              Durable in construction with interchangeable parts, the Rifle works on hard and frozen ground conditions. The most reliable manual staple gun in the industry


              Staples: Factor T Staples
              Magazine: Holds 100 Staples
              Staples/Day: 12,000 on average
              Weight: 20 lbs


              Staples: Factor T Staples
              Magazine: Holds 50 Staples
              Staples/Day: 12,000 on average
              Weight: 16 lbs






              Factor T Cartridge Staples

              Gauge: 13
              Length: 6 inches
              Width: 1 inch
              Cartridge: 50 staples
              Box: 1,000 staples
              Pallet: 50 boxes






              StapleSetter Flyer

              Hand-held tool pushes staples all the way into the ground. Use this tool with Landscape Fabric, Erosion Control Blanket, Geotextile Fabric. For use with 11 Gauge Staples. For use with 1” steel staples of any length


              Landscaping Staples

              These landscape staples are used for a wide variety of projects. They are commercial grade, 11 gauge high- quality metal, and manufactured in the USA. These have a sharp chisel point for easy installation. They are 6” x 1” (L”x W”) in size making them fit for most needs whether its?erosion blanket or gardening purposes.

              Wire Staples


              11ga. Wire Staple
              Uses: Erosion control blanket, geotextile fabric, sod
              1,000/box or 100/bundle
              6″x 2″ x 6″
              6″ x 1″ x 6″


              Round TopRound Top Pic1


              Degradable Landscape Stakes Pic3E-Staple

              Biodegrade completely from the soil in 8-24 months depending on site conditions. Wetland and irrigation areas, airport construction, environmentally sensitive projects