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              About Us

              Miller Seed has been providing customers with top quality products for?over 75 years.?Today’s customers can depend on?Miller Seed?products to provide them with a performance edge in the current marketplace.

              The decision making process of what brand of products to use every season is truly one of the most important decisions to be made in preparing for any seeding and / or turf care needs. Choosing those products involve such factors as products performance, quality, price and the company selling those products. In considering the brand or company you patronize such factors as management philosophies, company stability or reputation and service should be compatible with your needs. All the marketing hype involved sometimes confuses the important factors which the buyer needs to consider. Here are some important factors why customers are using?Miller Seed?products:

              Miller Seed Product Performance

              The?Miller Seed?product line – up is designed to meet the needs of today’s farmers, ranchers, contract seeders, lawn and turf professionals, and homeowners.

              Very High Product Quality Standards

              Our quality control programs and the people involved in implementing those programs, I feel are among the best in the industry. This primary reason why people are using 100%?Miller Seed?products with confidence.

              Miller Seed Policy Of Very Competitive Pricing

              Miller Seed?has a history of being a very competitive pricier in the market place. Providing top quality products and service at a reasonable price will continue to be a company policy.

              A Complete Product Line

              Miller Seed?has available one of the most complete seed and turf care product lineups in the area.?The Miller Seed?products are designed to meet the needs of the customer and backed by?over 70 years of being in business.

              Miller Seed Management Philosophies Are Progressive and Innovative

              Providing customers the product edge in today’s marketplace will continue to be a company policy.?Miller’s Brand Grass Seed, various native grass mixtures, custom seed blending, new wildflower mixes, numerous cool season mixtures, along with some of the most advanced lawn and turf products, attest to?Miller Seed?innovations to date. This progressive management approach provides customers a strong product edge against other competitive brands. The future looks very exciting for additional?Miller Seed?products that will keep customers up to date and satisfied.

              Miller Seed People And Service

              Miller Seed?is fourth generation owned and operated company. Customer satisfaction for future years is a?company commitment. Personnel from production to distribution, through sales are all pledged to delivering quality products and personalized service to all customers.
              Your patronage and friendship is always valued at?Miller Seed.